Learning and Development Solutions

All of our learning and development solutions sets include combination of courses and workshops which are packed full of insights, tools and techniques that can be immediately applied by delegates, this coupled with a high degree of interactive sessions embeds learning and makes for a motivational and fun session. These workshops can be augmented with one to one coaching sessions to ensure application in the real world is achieved.

Leading Virtual Teams to Success

Virtual teams are not easy, if you want to succeed using this approach you need to effectively
  • Qualify the requirement and risks
  • Define the approach and controls
  • Recruit the team and stakeholders
  • Lead and motivate the team
  • Manage the team and stakeholders
  • Maintain progress on deliverables
  • Defend the team
  • Close the team down effectively and learn lessons

"This one day course provides the cornerstones for success and is delivered in a fast moving and engaging manner with real world examples."

Effective Partnerships with SI's and SO's

These large organisations are managing and controlling increasing shares of customer spend in information communication and technology and business processes. To effectively partner with and sell to these organisations requires effective insight and understanding of
  • What drives them strategically, tactically and operationally
  • How they are organised
  • How they operate internally
  • What they really think of suppliers
  • How to align your products and services to their needs
  • How to create a plan of action that works across all levels
"This two day course delivers a compelling series of insights and practical tools and techniques for accelerating your success and penetration of this key market."

Success through Improved productivity

Organisations and individuals are being asked to achieve more with less resources in shorter timescales. We have developed a series of integrated modules that enable dramatic shifts in productivity through
  • Qualification techniques that expose opportunities and risk more effectively
  • Prioritisation based on the context of your role and remit
  • Analysing and planning your time based on the critical activities that will deliver the right results in your role
  • Labour and time saving tips in relation to email and networking
  • Visualising these activities and embedding them into daily life
  • Providing a common language for teams to increase understanding
"Delegates will get hours back a week from adopting the tools and techniques outlined in this course."