Leading Virtual Teams to Success

Achieving successful results using virtual teams drawn from diverse functional areas and geographical locations is a key part of many organisations strategy to deliver flexibility and agility at a cost effective price.

Leading these teams represents a challenge in terms of organisation, motivation, maintaining traction and progress whilst ensuring postive stakeholder support from each team member’s normal leadership and colleagues.

This course is a specifically designed collection of insights, tools and techniques that equip anyone to effectively and successfully form, manage and support a virtual team in the real world.

The approach is scalable from a short-term tactical team right through to a long-term strategic team. It accommodates the notion of full and part-time team membership and how to ensure balance is achieved between a team member’s normal day to day role and that performed in the team.

Course Objectives

To equip delegates to run virtual teams effectively by providing:
  • The context for use of and benefits from virtual teams within an organisation.
  • Insight and understanding of the realities of using virtual teams to deliver successful outcomes.
  • Practical, scalable and configurable processes, tools and techniques to deliver the critical success factors of virtual teaming.
  • To explain and enable management of the critical success factors virtual team leadership.
  • Qualifying the scope, requirements and what defines success for the virtual team.
  • Planning well and recognising that one size does not fit all and doing just enough.
  • Recruiting the right team and starting well, embracing and leveraging differences.
  • Effective communications planning and execution within the team and across all stakeholders.
  • Adopting the right leadership style for the each person and situation.
  • Supporting and protecting the team effectively.
  • Celebrating success and closing the team down professionally at the end.

In house course

This provides an ideal opportunity for an organisation to equip key groups within business with skills required to lead virtual teams, e.g Sales, Professional Services, Service Delivery and Information Technology.
  • Priced on a per delegate rate subject to a minimum of five delegates and a maximum course size of 12.
  • One and Two day course options available.
  • Optional one to one coaching sessions pre course and post available.