Success through Improved productivity

This course is designed to equip you to be more productive through improvement in you and your teams understanding of what is truly important and delivers the success you seek. 

The course will help you to determine when these key activities need to be done, how much time needs to be invested and what the overall balance and mix of activities needs to be to deliver success. 

It also empowers and enables you not to be diverted and subverted by external influences that are not core to your objectives.

Course Objectives

This course equips the delegate with:
  • An understanding of where challenges in productivity come from.
  • A framework for successful qualification of any opportunity.
  • A set of tools to understand critical success activities and time utilisation.
  • A series of tools for effective prioritisation of any activities and objectives.
  • The means and mechanisms for avoiding diversions.
  • A series if time saving tips and techniques.

All insights and tools can be implemented immediately and can form the basis of a common language for teams to accelerate their performance.

In house course

This provides an ideal opportunity for an organisation to equip key groups within business with skills required to lead virtual teams, e.g Sales, Professional Services, Service Delivery and Information Technology.
  • Priced on a per delegate rate subject to a minimum of five delegates and a maximum course size of 12.
  • One and Two day course options available.
  • Optional one to one coaching sessions pre course and post available.