Acquisition Commercial due diligence

Acquisition is a viable route to achieving growth and to access new intellectual property assets and customers. The challenge is always one of understanding what you are buying, how valuable it is and what issues may lie behind the prospectus presented to you by the vendor or agent.

We provide a range of due diligence services that get under the skin of an organisations sales cycle, their current sales pipeline, their products and services, current capabilities and customer base. We deliver an insightful assessment of how realistic their projections are, whether the resources in place are of the right skills and ability to deliver what is forecast, and what the market potential is for their portfolio of products and services. 

Typically we uncover hidden gems that improve the value of the acquisition to our client, the potential purchaser. Critically we also expose risks and issues that will affect the valuation of the business. This ultimately enables an organisation to negotiate from a position of knowledge with realistic expectations about the challenges that lie ahead in realising the potential and, if required, integrating the newly acquired business.

We use a series of structured interviews, backed up by research work based on due diligence questions, matrices and check lists to provide a multi-dimensional review of an organisations stated positions and potential.

Our clients value this work being undertaken by a third party as it creates the space needed for detailed investigations without compromising future relationships between acquirer and acquired management teams. The result is better acquisitions at the right price or avoidance of acquisitions that do not meet the criteria set out by the prospective purchaser