Design a Change Programme

Change is often described as the the only constant in the universe and to a greater or lesser extent organisations and individuals are facing change in one form or another on a daily basis.  These changes can be driven by a variety of factors, some positive some negative. Regardless of the drivers, change is ultimately about organisations, their customers, suppliers, employees, processes, tools and business and delivery models going through some form of change from one state to another over a defined period of time.

We provide a range of advice and guidance about what may need to change, how change can be implemented, how to establish a baseline of the current state of the organisation, what the benefits of implementing a change will be and a mechanism for tracking the realisation of those benefits. 

Within this approach we employ proven programme and project management techniques coupled with a set of stakeholder management and communication toolkits and techniques that accelerate insight, understanding and effectiveness of the programme, and consequently the success of the change programme itself.

We have completed assignments across a diverse range of organisations from a multi national service provider with 10's of thousands of employees down to a niche business service provider operating across the FTSE 100 market.