Effective Partnerships with SI's and SO's

An increasing amount of spend on products and services is being channelled through the service provider community such as business process outsourcers, managed service providers and systems integrators. These are complex organisations with many touch points and multiple agendas and challenges to address. Navigating them is complex, time consuming and fraught with blind alleys.  Developing and executing effective partnerships with such organisations, however, will open the door to extensive opportunities. These include revenue and profit potential for any organisation with products and services that can either be embedded in the service provider offering or be used by them to reduce their operating costs and improve efficiency internally in their own execution.

We provide a series of workshops and tools to aid organisations in understanding this complex channel to market. This includes its culture, how it operates, what drives it and how to manage approaches and align them to the different audiences within the organisation. We deliver these courses inhouse for specific client teams or via a public course run and operated by Kable.