Internal Innovation Fund Creation

Venture capital and investment in the future is a key component of any organisations strategy for the future. Harnessing the potential from an organisations funds and resources in developing new business opportunities that will deliver the future growth and success of the business is a challenging element of the any management teams agenda. The conflict and pressures from tactical and operational drivers frequently means any strategic initiatives that do not deliver short term results are starved of attention or sidelined and under resourced whilst still burning cash.

We have created a series of easy to implement internal venturing models and tools that enable an organisation to harness the potential of innovation within their business and create a framework for processing ideas through to completion and delivering value. Our model embraces the concepts of stage-gate, portfolio management and can balance internal and external development opportunities within the same portfolio.

Our clients have not only identified huge overlap and wastage already occurring within their business but have been able to through our approach converge, combine and harness work already underway and give it new focus and priority through delivery of a common language and framework all members of the management team and organisations can understand and embrace.

Helping organisations understand the level of competitive advantage, likely returns, strategic importance, and complimentary nature of any potential investment is pivotal in shaping the future programme. We equip our clients to do this in a consistent and repeatable way.