Market Entry - Software

Taking a successful product set from overseas and entering the UK market was the challenge for this successful and well funded business. 

The company had no previous exposure to the UK market but an innovative product set that offered unique capabilities in what is destined to be a major UK market although currently at the early adopter stage. These factors required a careful market entry strategy taking them all into account.
Our recommendations on how to position the product set, routes to market, sector priorities and,  critically,  the targeting of specific client organisations with a reputation and the experience of being early adopters within those sectors,  demonstrated a rapid return on investment and the creation of a sustainable and cost effective go to market strategy. 
We strengthened the product and service value proposition and exposed the core elements of that value in a language and form more understandable to the target markets and audiences in the UK. We enabled clear communication and higher conversion ratios in the early stage of the sales cycle. 
We took the companys historical sales performance data from other markets and converted this into a series of sales cycle models for their target markets in the UK. This exposed variances in sales and engagement methods, and identified longer sales cycles and higher selling prices as two factors that would influence market potential. Now an operational business, having won its first major client and forged some significant contacts and effective partnerships, it is now established and delivering benefits both to the parent company and venture capital investors.