Mentoring Executives

Moving into a general management role, especially from sales or service delivery, is a challenging and potentially rewarding experience for many talented individuals. The challenge of making the transition, however well supported internally by professional development programmes, can often leave the new appointee feeling isolated and out of their comfort zone. Typically the skills and abilities that helped them succeed in their previous role are either in need of reconfiguring to work in their new role or may no longer serve them well. No one benefits if these new executives fail.

We have provided a range of mentoring, advisory and coaching services on a personal one to one basis for new general managers / directors in a range of settings. These can take the form of face to face sessions, observation in situ with feedback later and real-time support by phone, instant messaging and email to deliver the right support just when it is needed. Typically these engagements last for three to six months and can average at about a day a month over the period.

Our objective is to aid them in adjusting quickly and effectively to their new environment. We offer a plain speaking, but supportive and totally confidential service. Our success is measured by their ability to take on the new role and succeed in their own eyes and those of their manager.