Multi-Tenant Hosting Solution

Organisations seeking to embrace the on-line service provision to employees, partners and customer alike struggled to design, develop and support an infrastructure that could scale at a moments notice and provide levels of availability and response now being expected by all stakeholders. Commercially such solutions were largely out of the reach of most organisations or, if affordable, did not represent a return on investment in their early stages of deployment.

We provided a number of organsations with commercial, architectural and technical advice and guidance on how to design, implement and market such service offerings to address this growing demand for what is now being called multi-tenant hosting propositions. The commercial models in many cases proved to be the most challenging to create as organisations struggle to decouple their thinking from traditional service provision or product supply and support models.

Our architectural approach took into account and introduced these service providers to the notion of availability, maintainability, serviceability, upgradeability, scalability and flexibility especially in configuration and resource assignment. This included improved security, virtualisation, automation, load balancing and efficient provisioning services.

Our full scope approach enabled marketing, sales, development, service operations, support services and commercial and financial teams to work in partnership to create a new approach that provided a disruptive innovation in infrastructure and application service provision. This is now being emulated across a whole range of business and infrastructure application sets.