Productivity Improvement

Many sales people and managers can find themselves short on time, constantly busy with a sense of not being able to achieve the critical things required in their role. This often comes from a deluge of distractions often described as email, administration and problem solving.

We have helped countless individuals and organisations release themselves from the shackles of low productivity through a series of simple but highly effective techniques. Summarised below are the steps we have taken these people through and the results that have been achieved.

Baseline what the current approach is in terms of activities and the time spent covering both the quantity and  frequency of execution of these activities. Clarify how this delivers the outputs required of their role.

Define a new framework of critical success activities in the context of the role, along with the right descriptors. The framework will help to deliver a better understanding of how these activities deliver the results needed.

Develop a time investment map. Map the amount of time each activity needs and when it's best to undertake them to deliver the most productive outcome for the individual and the organisation. Involve clients and colleagues. We bring alive peoples roles in their calender and diary system so they can see how they are investing their time. We use a combination of colour coding and tagging (categories) that provide people with instant visibility of their status.

Create a budget and target map.  We map these activities into whatever measurement system is used to define the outputs of the role. 

Results of this method have delivered 100% improvements in productivity, dramatic increases in motivation, regaining, in some cases, a day and half a week in a persons schedule.  Depending on the role this enables more time to spend on critical success activities and a new way of thinking about time and how it is used.  An outcome is that people are happier, more productive and better team players.