SaaS Proposition Development

Software as a Service or SaaS is a logical evolution of service provision which has been forecast since the sixties. Many attempts have been made to provide service to clients starting with bureau based services, hosted services with dedicated network connections, to the latest iterations of cloud based services delivered over the internet. Hidden behind the evolution of delivery models has been a fundamental shift in the architecture of applications and the economics of software development and delivery to customers.

Many successful independent software vendors focusing on infrastructure or line of business applications, and existing service providers, struggle to make the adjustment to the new operating models of multi-tenant architectures, monthly service charges, service level agreements and always on service provision.

We provide a series of advisory services and a practical roadmap to 
organisations seeking to offer SaaS. This enables them to achieve their aim without losing traction on their existing business helping them to deliver an incremental shift both in commercial, architecture and service offerings.

SaaS will not be going away and it will represent an increasingly important channel to market which requires its own cost model for marketing, sales, operation and development. We can help get you there with the minimum amount of pain and disruption. It is, after all, evolution not revolution.