Troubleshoot sales performance

Sales teams and sales people can, and do, suffer from a drop off in performance at times. There are many factors that affect performance of front line teams.

Our services are diagnostic and remedial in nature. We get to the heart of sales performance issues by studying a team or individuals performance historically and that of the wider market. From there we build working models of the market and an individuals performance at each stage of the sales cycle.

Our typical results are reduced cost of sales, improved conversion ratios, better targeting and improved qualification of opportunities and, critically, the improved interpretation of and response to key events during the sales cycle.

We equip individuals and teams with insight and knowledge and specific bid strategies that provide an improved response to competitive threats and challenges created through mismatching proposition to client requirements.

Typical engagements start with a combination of workshops and individual one to one sessions from which the 'as is' state is captured and the major challenges expressed by the team, sponsoring management, and key stakeholders are captured. Using this input we augment and overlay it with our experience. We perform a diagnostic and create a series of training and coaching solution recommendations designed to enable individuals and teams to take better decisions at each stage along the sales cycle and to understand how much time and effort to invest.

A vital component of this approach is equipping the team and individuals to manage stakeholders expectations across their own business about the potential of their pipeline and specific prospects This results in better engagement of the right resources and dramatically improves understanding by all of the actual potential and approach being taken

We have successfully delivered these services to small software businesses, major systems integrators, hardware and software providers and a host of non technology sector related clients.