Successful Virtual Team Leadership

Organisations the world over make use of matrix people management models to provide the most effective breadth and depth of coverage across their lines of business. This is done to meet the highs and lows of business demand and ensure that they have the right mix of talent required to undertake a range of projects and contracts both internally and externally.

This has never been more true than within the technology, software and services sector where complex projects require multidisciplinary teams during the pre-sales and post sales stages of client engagement.

We have developed and delivered a course to multiple organisations across Europe, Middle East and Africa that equips people to lead, manage and participate effectively within virtual teams, whether they are short-term teams or long-term relationship and account management teams working over multi year timelines.

We also provide inline coaching services to leaders of virtual teams and whole teams to assist them in coming to terms with operating in this environment and ensuring that they successfully navigate the key stages of formation, storming, normalisation and ultimately performing. More information on the course we successfully deliver as part of clients internal development programmes and as one off courses in house can be found by clicking here