Who we are

The founder, David Alexander has over 30 years of proven experience in a variety of senior director roles within the hardware, software and services arena, serving the corporate and public sector. He has earned himself a reputation for making a tangible difference to the businesses he works with and for. He is backed up by a network of more than 2,000 people within the technology and services industry across Europe, the USA and Asia Pacific. To complete our team we have a range of associates and suppliers who provide specialised services.

Capability to see what's ahead
  • Making early and accurate forecasts
  • Picking winners – markets, products and services
  • Spotting opportunities and inter-relationships
  • Taking a lateral approach to innovation
  • Creating innovative approaches partnerships
  • Realising the potential of virtual teams
Innovative and pragmatic strategy definition and execution
  • Defining market entry strategies
  • Increasing sales of products and services
  • Defining compelling value propositions
  • Reducing costs and timescales of execution
  • Improved qualification and prioritisation of business opportunities
Deep expertise
  • Fluent in the language of business and technology
  • Translate seamlessly between both
  • Constant monitoring of trends and challenges