Personal Recommendations

“David is a visionary and commercially astute IT services professional who can provide great support for new or maturing organisations across the many different aspects of their business.”September 4, 2007

Adam Ripley, Senior VP, Marketing, AppLabs

“David is a 'classic' forward thinker, he's able to get an organisation exited, supportive and aligned about changes that will enevitably happen some time in the future, when either the market &/or the organisation matures. I have worked with David and he provides strategic thinking, aligned with organisations core values and is able to introduce change programmes into organisations that are aligned to business goals. David also has a significant amout of industry knowledge that brings value into organisations, in order to achieve differentiation, and avoid mistakes. David's foresight and stakeholder management allowed Computacenter to begin thinking about shared services, significantly ahead of the competition.” June 25, 2007

Adrian HodderHired David as a Business Consultant in 2000

“I interacted with David in an attempt to jumpstart our business development efforts continental Europe. He stands out in his understanding of the Systems Integrator market in Europe and his unique expertise would be very useful to anyone looking to put their footprint on Europe.” May 21, 2007

Nitin Chowdhary , Vice President - Business Development, AppLabs Technologies

“For nearly two years, David has provided invaluable advice about the best way to develop and establish my web-based start-up business, attract investment and develop a commercial model with long-term growth potential. His consultancy has touched on a range of business processes including business planning, technical solutions, CRM and marketing and he is able to adapt his style and articulate complex information in a clear and coherent way. David’s advice has helped me add value to my business and working with him has often been as fun as it has been informative.”January 15, 2007

Olly Mardling Chief Executive What Talent

Hired David as a Business Consultant in 2005, and hired David more than once

“I have known David for over 15 years and I have always regarded him as one of the best strategic thinkers and visionaries I have had the pleasure to work with. Our original relationship dates back to when David worked for me as a Marketing Director and he was responsible for devising and implementing a new strategy for the business unit. One of David's attributes is that whilst he is a visionary he also works extremely hard and will happily take on the detailed work and do whatever it takes to get the job done. Since we worked together David has moved onto some more significant roles. Whilst in his role at Computacenter, David was a major help to me in developing the strategy of Formic as a business partner to CC. He not only gave me some guidance in terms of the objectives and key players at CC but also made a number of introductions to help Formic develop the partnership. I have no hesitation in recomending David as someone who is both a strategic thinker and deviser of plans but is also capable of implementing them.” January 14, 2007

Jon Keating, Chief Executive Officer, Formic Ltd
was with another company when working with David at Solutions - Make The Difference

“David provided me with expert advice and support which enabled me to re-direct my business activities effectively and successfully. His clarity of thought, encouragement and enthusiasm were invaluable.” January 5, 2007

Robert Payne, hired David as a Business Consultant in 2006

“David is within my personal development network as his strategic thinking, business accumen and experience is invaluable as a sounding board. I have had no hesitations in recommending him or any of his virtual team to executives within the businesses that I have worked.” January 4, 2007

Jonathan Barrett, Senior Solutions consultant, BT

“David has the capability to drive out the real issues and opportunities through his effective style of structured questioning and reasoning. He marries strategic vision and pragmatic experience to cut through the choices and provide sound advice and workable solutions.” January 3, 2007

Richard Parker, SVP Sales & Implementation, Nimbus

“David really helped me in providing my team with some inspiration, creativity and leadership. Getting the team working together certainly happened and as one colleague said "right on the money".” January 3, 2007

Paul Smith - Kable
hired David as a Business Consultant in 2006

“David, together with his colleague Charles Turner, wrote the CRM Pocketbook for me. He is clearly an expert in his subject and the book has sold well for us, reprinting several times over the last few years.” January 10, 2007

Ros Baynes - Pocketbook company
hired David as a Writer/Editor in 2001

“I was always impressed with Daivid's passion vison and drive. He is somebody that will stimulate a conversation, encourage debate and drive for change. With David there is no such thing as status quo.” January 5, 2009

Andy Purvis, Managing Director, Computacenter Scotland

“David is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever worked with - he has the ability to provide expertise on almost all aspects of business. His advice goes straight to the centre of the issue and he will provide you with clear directives on your next course of action and, of course, his support throughout if that is your need. Very hard working and dedicated - this is stating the obvious. He is also a stimulating conversationalist outside the working environment.” June 23, 2008

Juliana Martin, HR Manager, RadioScape Limited

“I worked with David on a number of strategic business improvement projects in Computacenter. He is a natural leader and I found his abilities to articulate the vision for business change infectious and inspiring, I personally learned a lot from his approach. I would relish the opportunity to work with David again.” March 22, 2008

David Marriott-Lodge, Service Management Consultant, Computacenter plc

“I worked with David closely over a number of years. During that time he demonstrated great vision, at a time when Computacenter was first moving more seriously into outsourcing. I found him a great sounding board during this time. Whilst we did not always agree on strategy, I valued him as a close colleague during his time with the company.” June 30, 2007

Neil Meddick, Remote Services Director, Computacenter plc

“David was head of an Inlife Management Team within Computacenter. He made the team work straight for the defined goals and managed to get the right people for the job. Working with David alowed me to learn a lot about business development and xcountry teams. Thanks for the good time and work.” June 15, 2007

Lars Kliefoth, Projectmanager, Computacenter plc

“David is an incredibly intelligent individual with an amazing understanding of IT without losing touch with its real life / business context. In my opinion David is a true visionary. In addition David is an exceptionally supportive individual. He has been instrumental in my career development. Not only has given me opportunities but has followed this up by ensuring I had the necessary support in place to excel. I would gladly work for or with David in the future.” February 26, 2007

Keith Rowley, Development Consultant, Computacenter plc

“David is extraordinarily smart, charismatic, passionate about his work and loyal. I found him challenging, stimulating and enjoyable to work with.” February 22, 2007

Cherry Freeman, Group Corporate Development Director, Computacenter plc

“David has an enormous intellect but wields it in a genuinly constructive and personable manner. He is able to comment and debate intelligently on almost all subjects. He has a logical and process driven approach that at the same time remains pragmatic. David is a friendly, good natured person. He will impress you.” February 2, 2007

Chris Hodgson, Corporate Planning Director, Computacenter plc

“David is a highly effective business development leader. His industry knowledge, vision and relationship development skills have resulted in significant advances through strategic partner relationships.” February 2, 2007

David Radley, Divisional Director, Computacenter Direct

“David is always the consumate professional and has a stunning ability to rapidly understand the challenges in any given situation. He is extremely personable and is able to establish and sustain business relationships at the highest level, whilst remaining objective and realistic in his approach. David is an entertaining and highly competent orator and his ability to effectively articulate a balanced view, ensures that his audiences are very well informed. He was an extremely supportive mentor in our working relationship was able to offer valuable support on many occasions”January 23, 2007

David Aldridge, Strategic Partner Director, Computacenter plc

“David brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and methodolgical thought to any assignment he is faced with. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with David, and learned a lot from his ability to turn "academic theory" into operable, practicable and effective delivery. I would recommend David as a thought leader of the highest calibre.” January 22, 2007

Bob Devall, Projects Pracice Leader, Computacenter plc

“David is a rare breed who truly understands what it takes to develop, build and manage a high performing team of both business and technical individuals that measurably enhances an organisations capability and standing. Gravitas in the board room he does not lack!” January 22, 2007

Declan Judge, Business Development Manager, Computacenter plc

“David is one of the most visionary people I have had the pleasure to work with over the years. Coupled with this he has a fantastic ability to communicate his ideas and thoughts with superb clarity and passion, David was able to clearly set the journey we needed to make. Always ready to discuss and debate the practicalities behind his ideas, he was a great person to work with.”January 12, 2007

Martin Beatty, Sector Services Manager (Finance Sector), Computacenter plc

“David is unique. I had the pleasure of working with him at Computacenter and his vision, sheer determination and total service excellence are second to none and hugely inspiring. He is an extremely knowledgeable man with a wonderful personality. I would love to work with him again!” January 11, 2007

Cathy Wilson, Service Manager, Computacenter Services
worked indirectly for David at Computacenter plc

“I would wholeheartedly endorse David to anyone seeking to work with the ‘best’. Everyone I know who has had the good fortune to either work for or with David, on any project, quickly grasps they have the good fortune to be teamed up with a one of those special people – someone with the vision, intellect and wide skill set to make the endeavour a real success. At Computacenter David contributed by leading and motivating the support of the business at all levels while developing and adding enormous value to the propositions, services and solutions we then took to market. David is both a great team leader and player and someone I would feel very fortunate to work with again on any project.” January 10, 2007

George Anderson, IT Security BDM, Computacenter plc

“David is a highly intelligent and capable individual. He is very innovative and is always willing to think out of the box when defining a new solution and how best to take it to market. David is easy to work with and has a comfortable consultative approach. In addition he is always professional and displays a good gravitas in senior meetings.” January 10, 2007

Jan Joubert, Client Manager, Computacenter plc

“David is a real out of the box thinker. He has the extremely rare gift of being able to make the most complex proposition simple to understand. Ran a very tight ship and earned my utmost respect during the time we worked together” January 9, 2007

Shaun Davies, Partner Director, Computacenter

“David's huge intellect and infectious enthusiasm are a powerful combination and were very effective during his years at Computacenter at a key stage of the company's evolution. Highly recomended!” January 6, 2007

Robin Razzell, IBM Sales Specialist, Computacenter plc

“David has an impressive capability to articulate the most complex concepts in a simple and exciting manner. He excites, motivates, drives excellence and has the capability to create very high performance teams across a range of different disciplines. David is one of the few people I look back as changing my motivations, principles, standards and behaviours.” February 16, 2006

Colin Bradford, Technology Leader, Computacenter

“David is an excellent thought-leader with superb communication skills. As a client I found him astute, honest and professional.” January 5, 2007

Robert Payne, Owner, Focus Systems Development Ltd

“David is an extremely professional, diligent, hard working and intelligent person. His positive attitude to people and business is second to none and he has a dynamic and productive approach to projects. His passion to structure business objectives to create desired outcomes at all levels across an organisation is one of his best business assets. A person well liked at all levels and a real team player. David is a visionary leader around strategic projects and has the interpersonal skills to create wider productive and working group cultures.” January 5, 2007

Adam Austin, Managing Director, European Group

“David provides excellence in the capabilities of leadership and service development. He drove the Computacenters corporate thinking forward radically carrying large parts of the company with him due to his interpersonnel skills, enthusiasm and experience. I count my time working for him as one of the most challenging in my career to date, due to a stretching role and David's mentoring.” January 4, 2007

Tim Moody, Solution Architect, Computacenter plc

“In my experience David is pretty unique in his ability to strategise and deliver. I worked with David on a few projects and always found him to focused, inspiring, passionate and driven, as well as having a decent sense of humour.” January 4, 2007

Leigh Dowding, Digital Marketing Exec / Webmaster, Computacenter plc

“Working with David at Computacenter was a real joy, he is a very energetic and focussed individual with a creative and committed work ethic that "gets the job done". David consistently demonstrated this, systematically working through each project he was involved with, from planning to delivery. David provided inspirational leadership to many people within Computacenter, at all levels and in doing so was capable of creating strategic vision; communicating that vision; and driving that vision forward.” January 4, 2007

Andrew Briggs, Service Delivery Manager, Computacenter plc

“David has the unique ability to live strategic vision and to create motivation in others. David is not afraid to challenge the status-quo when needed and is one of the greatest proponents of installing good engineering practice into every task he takes on.” January 3, 2007

Stuart Murray, solutions architect, Computacenter plc

“David is an imensley visionary and creative individual. He is able to devise business models and strategies that embrace the ever changing market place, enabling an organisation to continue to grow and evolve.” January 3, 2007

Stuart Wright, Client Manager, Computacenter plc

“I worked with David at Computecenter, he was very creative an energetic person who was totally committed to Startegy and get things done. David is a person very committed to planning and seeing projects through to the end, He inspred many of the senior management at CC but at the same time he connected complex ideas and related it to everyone. I would recommend him for my team anyday. David will bring joy to project” January 3, 2007

Dave Sibley, director, People Achieving

“In leading the biggest development programme our business has seen to date, David inspired me with his knowledge, his positive attitude and sheer determination to deliver winning results. His work delivered an operating framework which continues to underpin the sucessful evolution of our business today.” January 3, 2007

Matt Atkinson, Head of Service Compliance, Computacenter plc

“I really enjoyed working with David. He is a very inspirational individual who has helped me set objectives in some Major Account development my team was working on. David is great at helping take a long term strategic view on things.” January 3, 2007

Stephen Ball, Client Director, Computacenter plc

“It is an incredible experience to be a part of David's team. He is motivating, intelligent, highly professional, insightful and innovative. A true mentor, leader and skilled consultant in his own right. Whether its creating or evaluating strategy to developing new organisation and structure, David is a spirited individual who will not only impress clients time and time again but will provide scope and diversity to any project or programme. David comes highly recommended!!!” November 18, 2006

Penny Edwards, Projects Practice Leader, Computacenter plc

“Inspirational, larger than life strategist!!” April 10, 2006

Gary Sales, Contracts & Compliance Manager/Service Management Roles, Computacenter plc

“David has immense drive and energy coupled with an ability to encourage individuals and teams to deliver outstanding results. Furthermore he communicates vision and deep strategy with unswerving conviction displaying natural leadership and promoting confidence in all around him. Working for him was a truly rewarding experience.” February 15, 2006

Kevin Walshe, Technical Consultant, Computacenter plc

“David is truly a visionary leader. He inspires people to innovate and reach beyond current ideas and experiences. His mentoring, leadership and management capability is unquestionable and I would not hesitate to recommend him to others - particularly those that seek highly effective teams or where business transformation is the desired outcome.” August 7, 2006

Martin Rees, Solutions Centre Manager, Computacenter plc

“"Superb", "Inspirational", "Friendly & flexible", "Great richness of experience and knowledge" - actual feedback from delegates who attended training courses with David. I would add professional, reliable and really cares, a pleasure to work with!” February 5, 2007

Joanna King Institute of Direct Marketing hired David as a Lecturer in 2000

“David was incredibily well informed on all matters relating to technology and the market and had the ability to analyze information and derive an intelligent conclusion. He was articulate and highly driven in implementing the strategy whilst bringing people along with him. He was a pleasure to work with and I knew that I could always count on his support.”June 27, 2007

Mark Grindey, Sales Manager, Northgate Information Solutions

“When I was working as a consultant to Northgate Information Solution to align the sales force to the market in order for it to be more focused and agile we relied heavily on David's input regarding strategy and marketing. David was pragmatic, realistic and extremely energetic which are essential qualities for any change management. David has a great ability to galvanise a team or virtual team to produce extraordinary output.” January 22, 2007

Dominic Rowsell, Director & Owner, Holden Europe

“David has an incredible intellect and boundless energy and enthusiasm. These personal attributes combined with his business skills and clear thinking both strategically and operationally means that he is an real asset to any organisation” January 8, 2007

Chris Picken, Financial Controller Public Sector & Corporate Systems, Northgate Information Solutions

“David Alexander – energetic, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, hard-working, committed, voluminous, approachable, fun - all these things apply in equal measure to David. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him and found to be a challenging but measured team player and I am happy to endorse his credentials as an effective marketing director.” January 8, 2007

Peter Darraugh, UK Finance Director, Northgate Information Solutions

“I had the pleasure of working for David Alexander while he was Director of Strategy and Marketing at Northgate Information Solutions. During that time I found him to be, as his title would suggest, a knowledgeable and insightful strategist. 

One of his strengths is the ability of being able to communicate and hold his own with people of many levels from other departments or companies, as a result he was able to be the bridge between the previously isolated marketing and development departments. He is able to understand the concepts and ideas of development and design teams, even when these were not being expressed too clearly. However he is then able to distil these down or extend them further for use in different areas of the company with great synergy. 

It was this ability of being able to recognise and extract an extensible generic marketable product from within a very different existing, highly customised, legacy product, which earned David the respect he got from staff and the company. His management style is second to none in that he believes in a frank open, two-way dialog that both empowers and motivates, which causes him to be seen as a very professional yet caring and approachable individual. Part of that empowerment is responsibility, accountability and commitment to timescales, he is not inflexible and understands that there can be unforeseen slippage in complex projects, but he expects it to be highlighted and explained at the earliest time along with any possible recovery mechanism. 

It must be said that he does not suffer fools or time wasters but expects and gets the best from his staff and in return they expect and get the best from him!” January 5, 2007

Nicol Brown, Principal Systems Architect, Northgate Information Solutions

“David embraced the iPlanet range of products and embedded them into the business both as components for the solutions Northgate sold and as the foundation of its own infrastructure and portal environment. He was instrumental in the development of an effective and productive relationship between Sun and Northgate. He is pragmatic, clear thinker who has the vision to understand and appreciate the potential of technology in the business context and explain its benefits and value to all.” January 4, 2007

John Fanelli, Senior Director, Marketing, Sun Microsystems

“David’ energy and enthusiasm was inspirational. His knowledge base and bandwidth management ensured a professional approach to all his endeavours, and he didn’t pay me to say this – right David ?” January 4, 2007

Steve Cooper, Head of 3PP, Northgate Information Solutions

“David is an extremely enthusiastic person with a passion for providing the best possible service to his clients. David is perfect at delivering quality, to budget services, whilst working within the time and business constraints of his clients.” January 4, 2007

Lee Harding, Senior Analyst Programmer, Northgate Information Solutions

“David was instrumental in developing a closer partnership between Northgate and Sun Microsystems (UK). He was proactive, taking the initiative, and fearlessly executing on his committments. His approach generated confidence in both companies and grew and transformed the business relationship between our companies” January 3, 2007

Shanker Trivedi, Vice President, Sun Microsystems

“David was an excellent manager with strong technical skills and a clear vision as to how to use technology to best achieve the goals of the company. He was able to consider a diverse range of solutions and technologies and provide a roadmap to a more integrated and consistent offering from the company. David's commitment and drive should be an illustration to us all.” April 7, 2008

Gary Newbould, Senior Consultant, Northgate Information Solutions

“David is an amazing, inspiring and brilliant manager. One of those rare people who combine good technical knowledge with excellent people and marketing skills. I worked with David through several of his roles at McDonnell Douglas, MDIS, Northgate (all the same company) and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.” January 5, 2007

Bob Watson, Principal Systems Architect, Northgate Information Solutions

“David was a successful, results-oriented member of the board, with a rare and valuable combination of sales management and IT skills. He was a firm and professional manager and a loyal and supportive colleague. He places a high value on honesty and integrity and manages to balance his professionalism with a strong sense of fun.” January 5, 2007

Robert Payne, Finance Director, The Chisholm Group